• Donations

    We greatly appreciate donations of any amount to assist us with the operational costs of running a not for profit incorporated association and to keep our membership fee to a minimum.

    We would like to thank the following people for their very kind donations:

    Carmody Family
    Bunny 'the whippet' Carmody
    Horrocks Family
    Pitty Adams
    Annabel Brown
    Deb Sharp
    Zoe England
    Brad Ryan
    Andrew Morrison
    Tracey Nisbet
    Emma Ladd
    Angus Carmody
    Paul O'Brien
    Steve Lee
    Jeff Box
    Sarah Jackson
    Lynne Page
    Sharon Ellis
    Malcolm Gamble
    Andrew Schweitzer
    Kelly Wisdom
    Matt Horton
    Private donation
    Private donation
    Private donation
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  • hockingstuart

    hockingstuart Frankston and Cranbourne were PTR's very first 'official' supporter and continue to be our main supporter. Adrian Foster & Brett Stickland are both keen runners/ultra runners and have a long association with running and sport within the local community. PTR would like to thank hockingstuart Frankston and Cranbourne for joining us on this adventure and hope to continue the friendship for many years to come. PTR encourages all it's members, family and friends to contact Brett Stickland of hockingstuart Frankston & Cranbourne for all your property related matters.

    PTR benefits by receiving 10% of any fee received by hockingstuart on the sale of any house in Victoria, so please mention PTR when buying or selling a property via hockingstuart.
  • Footpro

    We are pleased to announce Footpro has joined the awesome family that is Peninsula Trail Runners.

    PTR members will receive 10% off in store purchases when they mention PTR and provide their membership number, and will also have access to some exclusive special deals during the year.
    As experts in the running world, Footpro will also be providing information for our website that will be of huge benefit to us a trail runners.

    Footpro use state of the art technology to analyse the way you move using video gait analysis software and foot pressure mapping. Their technician’s are experts in the use of these systems and the interpretation of the information allows them to fit their customer’s in the best type of footwear from their specialist footwear range.
    A key component in the unique fitting process is their range of specific insoles. Footpro technicians are trained in all aspects of moulding and fabrication of these insoles using a specific biomechanical approach to stabilise the feet so that your footwear is fully customised to you and your feet. Footpro custom insoles are handcrafted in store while you wait.

    Go check out Simon at Footpro and see what he can do for you.

    Phone: 03 9509 9199
  • Sharpy's Beer Run

    PTR is excited to be supporting and be supported by Sharpy’s Beer Run

    Registration to this wonderful event for 2019 is open now and will get you a cracking trail run, an uber groovy finishers medal,  entertainment and of course BEER BEER and BEER. 

    2018-19 PTR members get 20% off entry to the event - code to redeem available now until 31/12/18 (available on Team App)

    When: Saturday 16th March 2019

    Where: Pig and Whistle Tavern- 365 Purves Road, Arthurs Seat 

  • Spider Web Works

    PTR would like to thank Spider Web Works for their fantastic technical support with our website.

    Spider Web Works build successful digital stories for web & mobile.They create exceptional web designs, ecommerce sites, mobile apps, digital campaigns & much more. They work with Australia's leading brands and companies, providing cutting-edge technology, creative design, and business expertise.

    They offer expert website design and development, as well as search engine optimisation, ecommerce solutions and digital marketing. They bring 15+ years of experience and quality of service to your project to drive conversion and increase sales.
    Whatever your requirements, Spider Web Works can produce a digital strategy that is right for your business.

    All they ask of you is that you're enthusiastic about your project, give them feedback and challenge them; all of which will drive them to deliver an outstanding result.

    So please support those that support us and give them a call on 1300 020 002, or send a message to
  • Louisa Augello- Pilates Instructor, Redial Massage Therapist and founder of Resolve and Restore Health

    PTR would like to thank Louisa for her continued support with our fundraising activities

    Louisa’s vast experience and qualifications allow her to tailor her treatments to meet an individual’s needs. She provides a variety of bodywork and stretching, including remedial, deep tissue, sports massage, myofascial cupping, trigger point therapy, dry needling, neuro-structual technique, spinal reflex, k-taping, sports strapping, PNF and MET, and also address issues using the Muscle Energy Technique, PRT and Neuro Fascial Release. Through Resolve & Restore Health Louisa provides health seminars and educational sessions enabling individuals to actively manage their health and physical dysfunction. Louisa’s focus is providing every day health to everyday people, in an accessible environment at an affordable price... Health Care is not just for the wealthy.

    Contact Louisa by mobile: 0439 000 057 or email: